There is no poetry and youth far away from literature

e than half of 2016,
54 youth day the pace of time always seems to be prime,
now if you hesitation,
don't know where to go? Perhaps you are no longer young,
but still walking on the road of struggle,
I wonder if tomorrow will be better Although we can not determine the future,
but we can grasp the present,
as long as the road is not far away.
To you who feel lonely.
We can't take the house because it's rented.
We'll live as if we've been given it.
We can take it back any time.
We are to live into another,
a people can take away your things at any time,
but never take away your life that oneself,
lost his job,
can find the same treatment,
lost love,
can find a better for yourself,
we do not rent them,
but we have they have the qualification.
To you in deep pain,
fate is always better