New shoots, DEMO nets, red IP live hot, then how to play how to live?

ime: May 12,
2016 12:00-17:00 Venue: unlimited space (Wangjing international business center,
block B,
two B208),
how red is the net red? 22 million of the ads have not yet been launched,
beauty Li makeup at least in the investment circle,
the entrepreneurial circle,
the media circle has no one knows.
In the past,
net red has three treasures: cosmetic self - timer to open Taobao; and now has been upgraded to: Live connotation,
When it comes to live,
Zhou Hongyi live BMW spontaneous fire fried pepper live,
sexy female anchor pa fire reflected off live (shoots had received a phone call the police Milo,
live with a guest to find reflected case investigation),
even the Wang Sicong dogs live in Panda TV also while watching 140 thousand people.
In addition to the net red sh