[hot] emergency life-saving medicine 300 times the national out of stock price is still hard to find

often used life-saving drugs often means the continuation of life.
But in recent years,
tumor life-saving drugs,
cardiac surgery,
medication appears the stock of the situation.
Especially some cheap drugs such as erythromycin injection,
he sat.
On the verge of extinction,
become a veritable panda medicine.
Protamine nationwide shortage,
these two days,
heart disease patients,
Zhao is also worried about the matter,
because the operation must be medication protamine shortage,
she can only queue in the ward and other drugs.
Protamine is out of stock this year,
not for the first time,
5 years ago.
At that time,
almost 11 yuan a piece,
once had the patient family member to use 300 times the price to purchase.
The more famous panda medicine fast cedilanid,
strong hea