There is no poetry and youth far away from literature

e than half of 2016,
54 youth day the pace of time always seems to be prime,
now if you hesitation,
don't know where to go? Perhaps you are no longer young,
but still walking on the road of struggle,
I wonder if tomorrow will be better Although we can not determine the future,
but we can grasp the present,
as long as the road is not far away.
To you who feel lonely.
We can't take the house because it's rented.
We'll live as if we've been given it.
We can take it back any time.
We are to live into another,
a people can take away your things at any time,
but never take away your life that oneself,
lost his job,
can find the same treatment,
lost love,
can find a better for yourself,
we do not rent them,
but we have they have the qualification.
To you in deep pain,
fate is always better

Magical double use shoes, this pompous appearance completely can not conceal its deep connotation

e question is,
when wearing my feet should be set into the slippers in it,
or on the slippers? Reading the original is more exciting!

New shoots, DEMO nets, red IP live hot, then how to play how to live?

ime: May 12,
2016 12:00-17:00 Venue: unlimited space (Wangjing international business center,
block B,
two B208),
how red is the net red? 22 million of the ads have not yet been launched,
beauty Li makeup at least in the investment circle,
the entrepreneurial circle,
the media circle has no one knows.
In the past,
net red has three treasures: cosmetic self - timer to open Taobao; and now has been upgraded to: Live connotation,
When it comes to live,
Zhou Hongyi live BMW spontaneous fire fried pepper live,
sexy female anchor pa fire reflected off live (shoots had received a phone call the police Milo,
live with a guest to find reflected case investigation),
even the Wang Sicong dogs live in Panda TV also while watching 140 thousand people.
In addition to the net red sh

[hot] emergency life-saving medicine 300 times the national out of stock price is still hard to find

often used life-saving drugs often means the continuation of life.
But in recent years,
tumor life-saving drugs,
cardiac surgery,
medication appears the stock of the situation.
Especially some cheap drugs such as erythromycin injection,
he sat.
On the verge of extinction,
become a veritable panda medicine.
Protamine nationwide shortage,
these two days,
heart disease patients,
Zhao is also worried about the matter,
because the operation must be medication protamine shortage,
she can only queue in the ward and other drugs.
Protamine is out of stock this year,
not for the first time,
5 years ago.
At that time,
almost 11 yuan a piece,
once had the patient family member to use 300 times the price to purchase.
The more famous panda medicine fast cedilanid,
strong hea

is now the most popular domestic drama day the little girl feels 5 mushroom - Ode to joy is ~ Ode to joy District 22 layer cool all characteristics,
people love to hate,
in fact,
the recent rainfall across the country have their own characteristics.
Day Qiazhiyisuan really and Ode to joy in mushroom have a cold spell in the rain: occasionally violent,
general Jiang Xin's gentle beauty more than Shengmei fan a good heart is usually gentle bosom sister heard Andy saying that the mind can give Qiu Yingying that she can go to the end of the early May as slag male nest northeast rainfall overall is gentle and exciting but recently which appeared heavy rain to the northeast as the summer as it is difficult to adapt to the maze in slag men don't worry encountered little sister,
in the next fe

Some people forget the bill, an alarming conclusion, the Chinese people do not need to buy a house

Shenzhen prices all the way up and up,
but we still queued up to buy,
like no money.
The last time I saw such a fever,
last year,
when we collectively sold bicycles to enter the stock market.
Every day in the news bombing,
brush a micro-blog also can not escape,
not every hour and moment was reminded prices double Yi Ruo up to heaven.
In Shanghai people wrapped in blankets queuing to buy a house,
intermediary said 25 hours off,
the phone was ringing off the hook all.
a real estate opened,
1000 people robbed 338 suites.
Housing prices so burning,
in fact,
is essentially a supply and demand relationship problem (serious face)! First tier cities are almost no inventory,
new houses rarely,
second-hand housing also sold very fast.
At the same time a new policy to buy