You can't remember a wicked man who appears again in the West

lick the blue [] you view view highlights - Abstract ID:ipress Wei Zexi in the know to answer what do you think is the greatest evil in human nature? This problem.
He said,
I hope my answer will make fewer people cheated.
That makes two of us.
But I'm not sure what's available,
when the complicity of deception and forgetting cannot be broken.
It is not easy for ordinary people to live anywhere,
let alone live in a society full of lies.
If the course of life as a walk through the dark forest,
then Zexi Wei with the young life tells us that the thorn and fraud throughout the sinister jungle mud.
They already make up some kind of ecology and want us to become the fertilizer that feeds them.
The truth is not new,
but we have forgotten it selectively.
Just saw the news,
said that in May 2