Why buy iPhone only choose rose gold, depending on the world of Yan value, how more forced lattice?

fessional electric car with Chinese characteristics.
As usual,
I have to go out to work.
Racing is my main business,
and work is just my hobby to make ends meet.
Today's ring road circuit is a bit noisy,
and it doesn't make any difference.
I want to overtake the lead player,
Granny Zhang,
in front of the bend.
Through accurate judgment of speed,
tire and brake state,
I took advantage of the curve,
the precise control of all will reach the acme of perfection,
players throw three road two traffic lights in the distance,
at the same time,
success beyond the 5 BMW 4 Mercedes Audi 3 vehicles,
and 1 cars Porsche,
today is record achievements.
As a driver of the family line eldest son,
Deng grandfather's 28 big bar: stealing open dad's happiness motorcycle: since I was obsessed with