She turned the fruit into a gem and sold 3143 pieces in 6 years, making it the best seller in the country

k the hand lovers arrows or WeChat search mydiyclub concern us this article reprinted from the public number: Art extraordinary micro signal efifan she put the common fruit,
a dazzling jewel.
Fruit Jewelry - fruit jewelry from no one thought can be seen everywhere in the vegetables and fruits on the market,
and what is the relationship between the bright and beautiful jewelry,
until Zoe Einbinder put them together like most girls,
Zoe had showed a strong beauty of the heart,
she often looked at the newspaper jewelry advertising,
On the first day of primary school,
she stole her mother's diamond necklace and dyed himself with red fingernails.
Every day she had to dye her nails,
wear good jewelry,
and dress up before she went to school.
At first,
the teacher thought she was a