Fan Bingbing, Li Chen booked a couple of ski helmets, and Chen Xiang's face was scratched

it's time for your little wife to send you a letter and share your gossip.
Welcome you to continue! Click the button below to write gossip Oh,
if it is related to the star and remember to choose [1] Fan Ye Li Chen,
entertainment gossip lovers customized ski helmet dear president husband so what da: I am a little almond son,
I was a little almond son,
I was a little almond,
an important problem that make three times.
You remember me,
ha ha ha! The freshly baked gossip,
the brother's classmate,
the next door uncle's aunt's son,
opened a studio in Beijing,
made a couple helmet for Li Chen and Fan Bingbing,
a helmet for skiing,
and a cellphone shell for Wang Sicong! My husband helped me beat the president on the mosaic yo (this mosaic is not very cool?) President,
do you remem