What happened to the Yahoo we used all the time?

amous search engine and e-mail Internet giant,
last month in the United States California Sunnyvale declaration of death,
only survived for 21 years.
Once the vast network of imperial twilight,
now it is facing what kind of situation? The status quo: - the United States visited third camels Martha thin dead line platform,
with 200 million active users in Chinese,
perhaps YAHOO has gradually fade out of sight.
in the United States,
YAHOO's brand has a certain mass base,
according to comScore data,
at present,
YAHOO or the United States access to third of the online platform,
attracted more than 204 million users.
In contrast,
Facebook is only 1% more than YAHOO.
Google's app plus web site is only 17% more than YAHOO's.
Complex Internet assets to maintain the current situation