The shortest 4 seconds, the longest 90 minutes, mainland actress Hollywood play time was calculated by us

g B is not installed in the orange chicken soup as adorable cheap anti WeChat entertainment public number juziyule I know I'll never belong to this place,
so I even toilet brush than others brush clean,
clean enough to wash my face in it.
As China's first batch of Hollywood Chinese mainland actress,
Joan Chen so recalled the struggle at that time.
As is known to all,
mainland female stars can be regarded as a symbol of success if they can participate in Hollywood movies.
They are also the symbol of the identity of the movie circles.
But is that really the case? Soy sauce shot a couple of seconds and unexpected performance,
and don't know what to say in the awkward lines,
and stain,
Chinese special versions of these experiences,
let the mainland female star in a Hollywood movie becomes