tertainment Zhuangao (text / Lee wheat editor /iris Las Vegas casino) racket,
wearing a dress,
wrapped in comb a big wave,
with big lips Tang Wei threw the last card,
helping Wang Zhiwen win back a lot of chips,
turned and smiled,
two people hugging and kissing.
Kaka! Shouted Xue Xiaolu,
sitting in front of the surveillance plane.
She called Tang Wei to the front and looked back.
there's a little bit of that in that section.
  Jiao Ye,
when Mr.
Deng kissed her,
she would dodge and repel.
Let's do it again.
After half a year,
Beijing in Seattle (hereinafter referred to as the best love only love) was released,
Xue Xiaolu sat in front of the NG Tencent entertainment reporter recalled,
I said to her,
the smile behind the Dodge,
rejection is good .
It's Xue