She photographed 16 years old, 4 years, even 20 people, known as the female version of Edison Chan

le from the Hongkong night (ID:xianggangboss) to authorized reprint starred in love clubbing Hongkong actress Michelle Wai (Shiga),
revealed recently and ten billion in three years two rich generation boyfriend broke up a few months.
even Michelle Wai mouth said,
already broke up a few months,
but still be found living in the former boyfriend to his rented house.
Accustomed to living in the mansion,
of course,
do not want to live in a bungalow,
not to mention even Michelle Wai is a super Hong Kong women.
! The 27 year old Michelle Wai,
15 year old has joined the entertainment young model,
in 2010 2011 joined the music scene,
adding film to film love clubbing,
the movie's theme song I'm Still Loving You YouTube in the click rate of more than 10 million,
becoming the first te