Chanel everyone invited Cuba to Lafayette and play High vacation

ember the last time Lafayette will spring show moved to Seoul? The last time I went to Dubai? No,
Chanel has never stopped its journey,
but this time it has come to Havana,
a famous tourist destination! There's a lot of exotic things on your face.
Are you ready? Join us on a holiday trip! The tools for opening vacations are them! This time,
Chanel not only for the show guests prepared intimate little gifts,
but also let them ride the local characteristics of the car to the big show scene! Instantly opened everyone's holiday mood! Chanel is watching the show guests gift: a top hat made by Maison Michel.
The invited guests take the car to the big show scene of a riot of colours.
The goddesses have come to Cuba to see the show! Now let's take a look at these heavyweight show guests