After touching, 99 of the people will cry

is the end of the world.
They say their daughter is a father's lover in the past,
and the father's arm is the daughter's eternal home.
Father and daughter is a drama film directed by Michael DeWitt,
the return of the film tells the story of a girl waiting for the father's horizon! The film won the seventy-third Oscar Award for Best Animated Short Film Award,
although the story is simple,
but touch one deeply in the heart.
A look! (please see,
under the condition of WiFi Hao see free) at the beginning of the film in the sunset,
a father and daughter with a long shadow of the father came to the river for a journey,
leaving the young daughter and a world full of sadness as the sunset,
the father with the boat together disappeared in the water line,
only the daughter and slender shadow but