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In the following a player Jay Chou songs look like a story as to which of his song reminds you of your story

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She photographed 16 years old, 4 years, even 20 people, known as the female version of Edison Chan

le from the Hongkong night (ID:xianggangboss) to authorized reprint starred in love clubbing Hongkong actress Michelle Wai (Shiga),
revealed recently and ten billion in three years two rich generation boyfriend broke up a few months.
even Michelle Wai mouth said,
already broke up a few months,
but still be found living in the former boyfriend to his rented house.
Accustomed to living in the mansion,
of course,
do not want to live in a bungalow,
not to mention even Michelle Wai is a super Hong Kong women.
! The 27 year old Michelle Wai,
15 year old has joined the entertainment young model,
in 2010 2011 joined the music scene,
adding film to film love clubbing,
the movie's theme song I'm Still Loving You YouTube in the click rate of more than 10 million,
becoming the first te

The beauty of Gyeongnam flower market []

arket is one of the important markets in the Korean era.
To the main waterway for transportation,
Gyeongsang and Jeolla residents here to exchange of agricultural products and marine products.
Have little friends ever seen such a big squid claw? Worrying about losing your teeth after chewing?.
Opposite the food shop sells all kinds of fried foods,
fried whitebait,
fried vegetables,
and a lot of fresh seafood.
More about the Gyeongnam flower market introduction please click to read the original appreciation

Chanel everyone invited Cuba to Lafayette and play High vacation

ember the last time Lafayette will spring show moved to Seoul? The last time I went to Dubai? No,
Chanel has never stopped its journey,
but this time it has come to Havana,
a famous tourist destination! There's a lot of exotic things on your face.
Are you ready? Join us on a holiday trip! The tools for opening vacations are them! This time,
Chanel not only for the show guests prepared intimate little gifts,
but also let them ride the local characteristics of the car to the big show scene! Instantly opened everyone's holiday mood! Chanel is watching the show guests gift: a top hat made by Maison Michel.
The invited guests take the car to the big show scene of a riot of colours.
The goddesses have come to Cuba to see the show! Now let's take a look at these heavyweight show guests

It's dangerous to love this man

the wonderful program click two more a key concern the Yellow River drifting,
is a journey through quiet every break is lonely is on pulp own boundaries - Semitic of Semitic,
as most people do extraordinary stable life is always what is missing.
Perhaps it leads to orderly happiness,
a steady and abundant substance.
But in the blood of Shem,
there was a strong desire,
a journey of adventure,
a life of adventure and challenge.
He has a boat,
in the vast between heaven and earth liquid across the mountains and rivers and lakes,
for their dedication to a dream adventure.
Li Canhua was fond of sports since he was a boy.
At the age of 5,
he was brave enough to search for a dart to cross the dangerous bridge and rapids alone,
which became his first adventure experience.
When he grew up,
he nam

The 3 is the people to marry more happiness you are one of them

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What happened to the Yahoo we used all the time?

amous search engine and e-mail Internet giant,
last month in the United States California Sunnyvale declaration of death,
only survived for 21 years.
Once the vast network of imperial twilight,
now it is facing what kind of situation? The status quo: - the United States visited third camels Martha thin dead line platform,
with 200 million active users in Chinese,
perhaps YAHOO has gradually fade out of sight.
in the United States,
YAHOO's brand has a certain mass base,
according to comScore data,
at present,
YAHOO or the United States access to third of the online platform,
attracted more than 204 million users.
In contrast,
Facebook is only 1% more than YAHOO.
Google's app plus web site is only 17% more than YAHOO's.
Complex Internet assets to maintain the current situation

After touching, 99 of the people will cry

is the end of the world.
They say their daughter is a father's lover in the past,
and the father's arm is the daughter's eternal home.
Father and daughter is a drama film directed by Michael DeWitt,
the return of the film tells the story of a girl waiting for the father's horizon! The film won the seventy-third Oscar Award for Best Animated Short Film Award,
although the story is simple,
but touch one deeply in the heart.
A look! (please see,
under the condition of WiFi Hao see free) at the beginning of the film in the sunset,
a father and daughter with a long shadow of the father came to the river for a journey,
leaving the young daughter and a world full of sadness as the sunset,
the father with the boat together disappeared in the water line,
only the daughter and slender shadow but

Private hospitals fall into the enemy's way

inning of the founding of new China,
all medical institutions belonged to the state.
with the reform and opening up,
the state allows private investment in medical and health undertakings,
and private hospitals have begun to enter the barbaric growth period.
The first development period is from 1995 to 2000,
due to the lack of public hospital funding,
many local governments began to reform the health care system,
allowing the public hospital through commissioned operation and transfer and other forms of cooperative shares,
the introduction of private capital,
and private hospitals for the 3 year exemption system.
2001 is the peak of development of private hospitals,
with private hospital cures became the catalyst Difficult miscellaneous diseases of the medical industry,
have a r

The shortest 4 seconds, the longest 90 minutes, mainland actress Hollywood play time was calculated by us

g B is not installed in the orange chicken soup as adorable cheap anti WeChat entertainment public number juziyule I know I'll never belong to this place,
so I even toilet brush than others brush clean,
clean enough to wash my face in it.
As China's first batch of Hollywood Chinese mainland actress,
Joan Chen so recalled the struggle at that time.
As is known to all,
mainland female stars can be regarded as a symbol of success if they can participate in Hollywood movies.
They are also the symbol of the identity of the movie circles.
But is that really the case? Soy sauce shot a couple of seconds and unexpected performance,
and don't know what to say in the awkward lines,
and stain,
Chinese special versions of these experiences,
let the mainland female star in a Hollywood movie becomes

tertainment Zhuangao (text / Lee wheat editor /iris Las Vegas casino) racket,
wearing a dress,
wrapped in comb a big wave,
with big lips Tang Wei threw the last card,
helping Wang Zhiwen win back a lot of chips,
turned and smiled,
two people hugging and kissing.
Kaka! Shouted Xue Xiaolu,
sitting in front of the surveillance plane.
She called Tang Wei to the front and looked back.
there's a little bit of that in that section.
  Jiao Ye,
when Mr.
Deng kissed her,
she would dodge and repel.
Let's do it again.
After half a year,
Beijing in Seattle (hereinafter referred to as the best love only love) was released,
Xue Xiaolu sat in front of the NG Tencent entertainment reporter recalled,
I said to her,
the smile behind the Dodge,
rejection is good .
It's Xue

I heard someone in the distance clapping for me

it was the 1st anniversary day of no crown finance.
1st anniversary,
we gain a lot,
in the Internet plus,
but the relative segments than the general scope of the media since the relatively broad,
we speak for the transformation,
investment case.
1st anniversary,
we have opened a series of headlines,
small and beautiful 100+,
from the media 100+,
overseas customers 100+,
investors 100+ and other series,
so far,
reported more than 300 cases.
You know,
these cases,
neither hand piece like comments,
it is not a simple data integration,
but sent to the topic of senior financial media,
through face-to-face interviews,
even after more senior editor to repeatedly modify and elaborate.
Its operation process is no less than any of the paper media serious,