You open a gun behind me, I still believe that the gun is fired: depth)

Second World War,
a force fought the enemy in the forest,
and the last two soldiers were out of touch with the troops.
The two soldiers were able to look after each other in battle,
because they came from the same town.
They trudged through the forest,
encouraging each other and comforting each other.
More than 10 days passed and they were still in touch with the troops.
they killed a deer and depended on venison for a few more days.
Perhaps it is because the cause of the war,
the forest animal fled or were killed,
in addition to the deer,
they never see any animal.
The only remaining venison was carried on the younger soldier.
One day,
they met the enemy in the forest,
and after a fierce battle,
the two men cleverly avoided the enemy.
Just when they thought they were safe,