Women with gynecological diseases of the 4 bad habits must pay attention to

regular use of pads and tampons,
many women believe that the use of pads can avoid direct contact between the genitals and underwear,
help keep the genitals clean.
The idea is wrong because long-term use of pads can cause genital ventilation to cause infection.
In addition,
the use of seemingly convenient built-in tampons also increases the risk of developing gynecological diseases,
especially prolonged absence of tampons,
which can lead to vaginitis and other gynecological diseases.
Recommendation: use pads only in the short period of menstruation or when the menses is near.
Try not to use tampons.
And replace it in time.
privates often use a lot of people think that night use cleaning fluid cleaning liquid wash down is a healthy habit,
in fact,
in the absence of gynecological infla