Why did the twelve constellations surrender the Royal war?

e twelve constellations and the Royal war of love and hate the Royal war has launched two months,
the first month performed brilliantly,
easily washed up on the recommendation of IOS.
But also by the majority of game player praise,
but into the second months,
the game has become weak,
especially after the new version of the open,
small side has a lot of people begin to give up the game.
Twelve constellation why will give up this game? 1,
Aries: as a lot of machine only careful Aries,
they will have a lot of routines in combat,
but they are too simple,
these routines will be seen through the minute,
the road is set through is not a good routine,
even kneel down Aries only abandoned pit.
Taurus: after all,
this is a late krypton gold has been unable to play the game,
this game for the Tau