The birds of the heart return

s still flying in my heart,
perhaps this mission is endless.
My heart moved,
no words,
it is better to let this brave song,
let this only deep in the hearts of each of us birds returned.
The return of the by river in forty,
the age of 40,
it can not distinguish the suspect,
that is to say I can and eliminating confusion? But I can finally stand in front of that young man and live face to face.
After finishing an album in 2010,
I was lost in thought.
Shall we go on singing? What is it to persist in the end? One can not think about it,
just put it aside and work patiently and dependably! In order to sharpen the character,
I choose Taijiquan,
and later to learn calligraphy,
then follow my love learning western painting.
I gradually found a way of learning from tangled,