Shanghai Disney tells you how to live with money and comfort

isney Hotel March early opening ticket booking,
not only tickets robbed light,
and even two hotels are all full house! For those who want to go to Disney,
it is worth playing at least two days.
Disney's hotel is the first choice.
A Disneyland Hotel,
a toy Hotel,
a luxury,
a family,
each has his own merits.
the price is more than 1 thousand yuan per night.
The Disneyland Hotel is a high profile luxury hotel,
built on a sparkling lake with an ultra beautiful interior and all kinds of new artistic decorations.
Here is not just a hotel,
and large lawn,
called star lake in tropical grassland as the theme of the water recreation area and hedge maze,
live in the hotel as well as in the amusement park.
My favorite,
or a special treat at the Disney Hotel,
can be breakfast with Mitch Mini! Com