[] it is said Crestron A and SUV value than Song Joong Ki Yan

le for the car home original article,
author Ren Sicong,
reprinted please specify,
welcome to forward to the circle of friends.
Hi Hello,
I am thinking.
See the caption that Wang Sicong was the only one to come in.
I don't blame you.
After all,
there are more than one person with different lives.
Not all the king (Er Sheng),
Ren Sicong,
car home new small,
only love to see their love car to Autohome before,
came to love to watch all the car.
On the car,
there are a lot of you want to say and hear you say,
I am glad to meet you,
what's your name? Hello AI Rainbow drops Si Congjun recently heard.
With this picture,
no less than about 90 to know well,
some straight said seven face Meng force.
Never mind,
know that BIGBANG is not so important it is important to know when it is