How can a woman live?

life is OK,
she can see it from her clothes.
A person's manners,
will expose a person's taste,
Like Zen master said,
do not need to open your mouth,
walk a few steps to know your realm a bit,
pretending not to.
Women from birth to 18 years old,
need a good family,
18 to 35 years old,
need good looks,
35 to 48 years old,
need good personality,
after 48 years old,
need happy,
elegant life.
Buy clothes and accessories that suit you.
What suits you is the best,
so don't envy other people's clothes.
Learning a kind of dance at the weekend,
beauty will decline with age,
temperament is increasing.
Cultivate small good habits,
such as going to bed early and getting up early,
and putting a good book on the bedside.
Wearing underwear,
this is a way to love you