Have Jiyiling money Wuli again in the Tao Tao entertainment so in the end he did not lip synching in the teeth of the storm

t seen Wuli shocked the Tao Tao news today,
Huang Zitao party denied lip synching boarded the hot search list,
haven't met in a long time is very miss ah ~ Tao Tao said this May 1st Huang Zitao held his personal concert in Nanjing,
originally it is a perfect ending ~ our fans said Tao Tao really that sing very well at it! But because the results of lip synching caused a storm,
Liang made a few continuous shelling micro-blog Tao Tao singing.
Good Wuli Tao Tao said how can fans told that my idol,
so they are back then the concert organizers and Huang Zitao studios have also audible ah this organizer is really not too big,
it taught us everything in the pig teammates affair will be more and more big yellow Zitao studio published the statement said that the exercise intensity in the dance of