Frequent incidents in Haikou, why peace guard teams do not retire?

incident with open accountability is likely to date,
but someone's security defense team and its management system the author Deng Xueping (Beijing decide on what path to follow group Shanghai Heng Law Firm senior partner,
former senior prosecutor) before a security defense team armed with batons,
shock of women and children,
accompanied by bursts of screaming video crazy pass on the Internet,
the whole society aroused anger and condemnation.
In the opinion of fermentation at the same time,
the Haikou municipal government to deal with a series of disposal of the incident (see Caixin reported Haikou municipal accountability Xiuying mayor Huang Hongru resignation).
Xiuying District,
the village of illegal action director Huang Hongru to resign,
long town mayor Zhang Guangxue was ordered to