For the first time since the end of the national survey of large shipment exceeded 2 million 30 thousand heavy logistics practitioners report

Ali Institute free subscription to lead up to the beginning of 2016,
the total number of social business employees to 2 million 33 thousand people,
among them,
the courier,
site personnel,
operation site warehouse grass-roots management of frontline staff of 1 million 729 thousand people.
6 into the courier site of the electricity supplier logistics parts accounted for more than 5 of the total,
74% of the site electricity supplier logistics express total proportion of the total amount reached 80%.
The total number of couriers and couriers varies with the month,
and the changes are cyclical,
but vary in magnitude.
In each cycle,
the change of the quantity of couriers and the change of quantity has advance effect and time lag effect.
6 into the express site of the electricity suppl