Every step of the love is wrong

I thought the love of the times,
how to talk about how to talk about.
But you see,
Ode to joy only to love Qiu Yingying,
suffered what kind of fate,
gave her an invincible big slag male,
and the poor man with a name from A to Z are not only in charge of the two term Bai Zhanan or white.
A love Ode to joy,
where is it? By after a gross domestic drama,
is probably one of the most consumed several ways of life,
Ode to joy to the 16 set,
I only see light suddenly,
he squandered youth (ah,
the best time is fleeting and not too?) Does this play look good? In the first ten episodes,
I'll tell you that it's not bad,
but suddenly I began to feel that it didn't really mean much.
Every woman in it seemed to live too cautiously.
Screenwriter has a life mentor means,
in each woman behind a clot