Take girlfriends to travel, girlfriends photos to shoot like this

th someone to share life together,
share with you fuel outside the spiritual world,
although the friendship boat turned over,
but even turn together can also swim ashore,
this is bestie.
Girlfriends can not eat together,
but they can not take pictures! Speaking of taking pictures,
in addition to scissors hand,
teach you a few non heavy kind of girlfriends pose.
1 back platitudes,
figure is a very versatile pose.
No matter your values are not high,
the pictures always make you a little more mysterious and artistic.
This simple back photo is more suitable for two people Oh ~ 2 concave shape,
if you have more than one or two girlfriends,
but a group of girlfriends,
then these pose must be get to.
Heart to heart,
five pointed star,
Are very classic shape oh.
Just be sure to Caution! In

China was also willing to hold hands through the TA tunnel any romantic

the branches under the tree,
agreed to spend a lifetime,
or flying flowers in the sky,
rain and lovers stroll.
The romantic scenes that often appear in these movies,
with no special effects or dreams,
are so beautiful around us.
This will be a beautiful WeChat,
your little will introduce its three purple Xanadu,
not only as a tourist attraction,
but also as a mecca for many people.
This romantic purple blue flowers,
called jacaranda.
Jacaranda is the southern hemisphere unique ornamental trees,
shady trees and elegant,
when the flowers are dark blue or purple,
very beautiful,
native to South America Brazil,
are widely grown across South Africa and southern African countries.
In Guangdong Chinese (Guangzhou,
according to the donkey know Jinan University in Guangzho

Shanghai Disney tells you how to live with money and comfort

isney Hotel March early opening ticket booking,
not only tickets robbed light,
and even two hotels are all full house! For those who want to go to Disney,
it is worth playing at least two days.
Disney's hotel is the first choice.
A Disneyland Hotel,
a toy Hotel,
a luxury,
a family,
each has his own merits.
the price is more than 1 thousand yuan per night.
The Disneyland Hotel is a high profile luxury hotel,
built on a sparkling lake with an ultra beautiful interior and all kinds of new artistic decorations.
Here is not just a hotel,
and large lawn,
called star lake in tropical grassland as the theme of the water recreation area and hedge maze,
live in the hotel as well as in the amusement park.
My favorite,
or a special treat at the Disney Hotel,
can be breakfast with Mitch Mini! Com

For the first time since the end of the national survey of large shipment exceeded 2 million 30 thousand heavy logistics practitioners report

Ali Institute free subscription to lead up to the beginning of 2016,
the total number of social business employees to 2 million 33 thousand people,
among them,
the courier,
site personnel,
operation site warehouse grass-roots management of frontline staff of 1 million 729 thousand people.
6 into the courier site of the electricity supplier logistics parts accounted for more than 5 of the total,
74% of the site electricity supplier logistics express total proportion of the total amount reached 80%.
The total number of couriers and couriers varies with the month,
and the changes are cyclical,
but vary in magnitude.
In each cycle,
the change of the quantity of couriers and the change of quantity has advance effect and time lag effect.
6 into the express site of the electricity suppl

Who will lead the future and the first financial exploration?

losest to life,
there are many small and novel unknown.
we might as well explore the first financial technology innovation conference unknown.
technology shows the vision of the future.
You'll see all kinds of interesting,
novel and creative works showing everywhere.
Some show the charm of technology from a certain point of view,
and most of them involve exploring the unknown spirit of science and technology and showing the imagination of the future.
It won't be completely occupied by large screen computers or hot VR devices.
Brain cave opening inventions,
handmade works and simple technology to achieve life creativity,
may appear in the field of vision.
their reaction is much faster than your mobile phone,
but they may be able to promote the future producti

Every step of the love is wrong

I thought the love of the times,
how to talk about how to talk about.
But you see,
Ode to joy only to love Qiu Yingying,
suffered what kind of fate,
gave her an invincible big slag male,
and the poor man with a name from A to Z are not only in charge of the two term Bai Zhanan or white.
A love Ode to joy,
where is it? By after a gross domestic drama,
is probably one of the most consumed several ways of life,
Ode to joy to the 16 set,
I only see light suddenly,
he squandered youth (ah,
the best time is fleeting and not too?) Does this play look good? In the first ten episodes,
I'll tell you that it's not bad,
but suddenly I began to feel that it didn't really mean much.
Every woman in it seemed to live too cautiously.
Screenwriter has a life mentor means,
in each woman behind a clot

Women with gynecological diseases of the 4 bad habits must pay attention to

regular use of pads and tampons,
many women believe that the use of pads can avoid direct contact between the genitals and underwear,
help keep the genitals clean.
The idea is wrong because long-term use of pads can cause genital ventilation to cause infection.
In addition,
the use of seemingly convenient built-in tampons also increases the risk of developing gynecological diseases,
especially prolonged absence of tampons,
which can lead to vaginitis and other gynecological diseases.
Recommendation: use pads only in the short period of menstruation or when the menses is near.
Try not to use tampons.
And replace it in time.
privates often use a lot of people think that night use cleaning fluid cleaning liquid wash down is a healthy habit,
in fact,
in the absence of gynecological infla

Nice to wear, mini satchel, back up in the summer

large volume bag seems to have been all cold cold put away,
the packet began with bright color for the hot make! Summer is coming,
matching weight loss,
bags are also in weight loss.
Then they can just let you carry keys,
take a mobile phone,
decorate the small package makeup emergency began sweeping the streets.
Small is still too heavy,
micro mini bag is too small,
and only mini size satchel is just right.
C LineTrotteur want a saddle bag addiction,
no doubt C line Trotteur is an excellent choice.
In the early autumn of 2015,
brand creative director Phoebe Philo has a new interpretation of Trotteur,
adding metal buckle,
let Trotteur in retro minimalist style,
with a more modern atmosphere.
The new Trotteur C line box inherits the simplicity of temperament,
but Trotteur sleek li

Why did the twelve constellations surrender the Royal war?

e twelve constellations and the Royal war of love and hate the Royal war has launched two months,
the first month performed brilliantly,
easily washed up on the recommendation of IOS.
But also by the majority of game player praise,
but into the second months,
the game has become weak,
especially after the new version of the open,
small side has a lot of people begin to give up the game.
Twelve constellation why will give up this game? 1,
Aries: as a lot of machine only careful Aries,
they will have a lot of routines in combat,
but they are too simple,
these routines will be seen through the minute,
the road is set through is not a good routine,
even kneel down Aries only abandoned pit.
Taurus: after all,
this is a late krypton gold has been unable to play the game,
this game for the Tau

You open a gun behind me, I still believe that the gun is fired: depth)

Second World War,
a force fought the enemy in the forest,
and the last two soldiers were out of touch with the troops.
The two soldiers were able to look after each other in battle,
because they came from the same town.
They trudged through the forest,
encouraging each other and comforting each other.
More than 10 days passed and they were still in touch with the troops.
they killed a deer and depended on venison for a few more days.
Perhaps it is because the cause of the war,
the forest animal fled or were killed,
in addition to the deer,
they never see any animal.
The only remaining venison was carried on the younger soldier.
One day,
they met the enemy in the forest,
and after a fierce battle,
the two men cleverly avoided the enemy.
Just when they thought they were safe,

Have Jiyiling money Wuli again in the Tao Tao entertainment so in the end he did not lip synching in the teeth of the storm

t seen Wuli shocked the Tao Tao news today,
Huang Zitao party denied lip synching boarded the hot search list,
haven't met in a long time is very miss ah ~ Tao Tao said this May 1st Huang Zitao held his personal concert in Nanjing,
originally it is a perfect ending ~ our fans said Tao Tao really that sing very well at it! But because the results of lip synching caused a storm,
Liang made a few continuous shelling micro-blog Tao Tao singing.
Good Wuli Tao Tao said how can fans told that my idol,
so they are back then the concert organizers and Huang Zitao studios have also audible ah this organizer is really not too big,
it taught us everything in the pig teammates affair will be more and more big yellow Zitao studio published the statement said that the exercise intensity in the dance of

May 4th news reports,
horror game can reflect the VR most at this stage of the value,
and the major game manufacturers seem to have a very high value of this piece of resources,
to promote the content of horror game VR version.
a foreign game media group,
has organized a group of players to experience a horror VR game released this summer,
ghost records,
and uploaded videos of these players to the YouTube.
In ghost episode,
players need to wear Oculus,
Vive or PlayStation VR and walk around in a haunted house.
The longer you stay in this house,
the more frightening it will become.
As you can see from the video,
both men and sisters scream and scream when they experience the game,
and even others are frightened to throw away their helmets and fall to the ground

Frequent incidents in Haikou, why peace guard teams do not retire?

incident with open accountability is likely to date,
but someone's security defense team and its management system the author Deng Xueping (Beijing decide on what path to follow group Shanghai Heng Law Firm senior partner,
former senior prosecutor) before a security defense team armed with batons,
shock of women and children,
accompanied by bursts of screaming video crazy pass on the Internet,
the whole society aroused anger and condemnation.
In the opinion of fermentation at the same time,
the Haikou municipal government to deal with a series of disposal of the incident (see Caixin reported Haikou municipal accountability Xiuying mayor Huang Hongru resignation).
Xiuying District,
the village of illegal action director Huang Hongru to resign,
long town mayor Zhang Guangxue was ordered to

Core strength how to practice, let beauty teach you

rst basketball micro magazine,
the most popular basketball teaching platform,
click on the top of the blue word,
pay attention to basketball skills,
teach a basketball practice all over the body! A basketball,
play your body,
exercise the core and balance,
each movement for a minute,
8 movements for a group,
experience a,
exhausted! Model: Chen Nuanyang NO1 NO2 NO3 NO4 so we come so we NO5 NO6 you NO7 NO8 you come quickly forwarded to your friends! Practice and thought! -END- graphics / skills,
WeChat and QQ/ 2638592508 have the opportunity to get a nice basketball spree

The birds of the heart return

s still flying in my heart,
perhaps this mission is endless.
My heart moved,
no words,
it is better to let this brave song,
let this only deep in the hearts of each of us birds returned.
The return of the by river in forty,
the age of 40,
it can not distinguish the suspect,
that is to say I can and eliminating confusion? But I can finally stand in front of that young man and live face to face.
After finishing an album in 2010,
I was lost in thought.
Shall we go on singing? What is it to persist in the end? One can not think about it,
just put it aside and work patiently and dependably! In order to sharpen the character,
I choose Taijiquan,
and later to learn calligraphy,
then follow my love learning western painting.
I gradually found a way of learning from tangled,

[] it is said Crestron A and SUV value than Song Joong Ki Yan

le for the car home original article,
author Ren Sicong,
reprinted please specify,
welcome to forward to the circle of friends.
Hi Hello,
I am thinking.
See the caption that Wang Sicong was the only one to come in.
I don't blame you.
After all,
there are more than one person with different lives.
Not all the king (Er Sheng),
Ren Sicong,
car home new small,
only love to see their love car to Autohome before,
came to love to watch all the car.
On the car,
there are a lot of you want to say and hear you say,
I am glad to meet you,
what's your name? Hello AI Rainbow drops Si Congjun recently heard.
With this picture,
no less than about 90 to know well,
some straight said seven face Meng force.
Never mind,
know that BIGBANG is not so important it is important to know when it is

How can a woman live?

life is OK,
she can see it from her clothes.
A person's manners,
will expose a person's taste,
Like Zen master said,
do not need to open your mouth,
walk a few steps to know your realm a bit,
pretending not to.
Women from birth to 18 years old,
need a good family,
18 to 35 years old,
need good looks,
35 to 48 years old,
need good personality,
after 48 years old,
need happy,
elegant life.
Buy clothes and accessories that suit you.
What suits you is the best,
so don't envy other people's clothes.
Learning a kind of dance at the weekend,
beauty will decline with age,
temperament is increasing.
Cultivate small good habits,
such as going to bed early and getting up early,
and putting a good book on the bedside.
Wearing underwear,
this is a way to love you