There is no poetry and youth far away from literature

e than half of 2016,
54 youth day the pace of time always seems to be prime,
now if you hesitation,
don't know where to go? Perhaps you are no longer young,
but still walking on the road of struggle,
I wonder if tomorrow will be better Although we can not determine the future,
but we can grasp the present,
as long as the road is not far away.
To you who feel lonely.
We can't take the house because it's rented.
We'll live as if we've been given it.
We can take it back any time.
We are to live into another,
a people can take away your things at any time,
but never take away your life that oneself,
lost his job,
can find the same treatment,
lost love,
can find a better for yourself,
we do not rent them,
but we have they have the qualification.
To you in deep pain,
fate is always better

Magical double use shoes, this pompous appearance completely can not conceal its deep connotation

e question is,
when wearing my feet should be set into the slippers in it,
or on the slippers? Reading the original is more exciting!

New shoots, DEMO nets, red IP live hot, then how to play how to live?

ime: May 12,
2016 12:00-17:00 Venue: unlimited space (Wangjing international business center,
block B,
two B208),
how red is the net red? 22 million of the ads have not yet been launched,
beauty Li makeup at least in the investment circle,
the entrepreneurial circle,
the media circle has no one knows.
In the past,
net red has three treasures: cosmetic self - timer to open Taobao; and now has been upgraded to: Live connotation,
When it comes to live,
Zhou Hongyi live BMW spontaneous fire fried pepper live,
sexy female anchor pa fire reflected off live (shoots had received a phone call the police Milo,
live with a guest to find reflected case investigation),
even the Wang Sicong dogs live in Panda TV also while watching 140 thousand people.
In addition to the net red sh

[hot] emergency life-saving medicine 300 times the national out of stock price is still hard to find

often used life-saving drugs often means the continuation of life.
But in recent years,
tumor life-saving drugs,
cardiac surgery,
medication appears the stock of the situation.
Especially some cheap drugs such as erythromycin injection,
he sat.
On the verge of extinction,
become a veritable panda medicine.
Protamine nationwide shortage,
these two days,
heart disease patients,
Zhao is also worried about the matter,
because the operation must be medication protamine shortage,
she can only queue in the ward and other drugs.
Protamine is out of stock this year,
not for the first time,
5 years ago.
At that time,
almost 11 yuan a piece,
once had the patient family member to use 300 times the price to purchase.
The more famous panda medicine fast cedilanid,
strong hea

is now the most popular domestic drama day the little girl feels 5 mushroom - Ode to joy is ~ Ode to joy District 22 layer cool all characteristics,
people love to hate,
in fact,
the recent rainfall across the country have their own characteristics.
Day Qiazhiyisuan really and Ode to joy in mushroom have a cold spell in the rain: occasionally violent,
general Jiang Xin's gentle beauty more than Shengmei fan a good heart is usually gentle bosom sister heard Andy saying that the mind can give Qiu Yingying that she can go to the end of the early May as slag male nest northeast rainfall overall is gentle and exciting but recently which appeared heavy rain to the northeast as the summer as it is difficult to adapt to the maze in slag men don't worry encountered little sister,
in the next fe

Some people forget the bill, an alarming conclusion, the Chinese people do not need to buy a house

Shenzhen prices all the way up and up,
but we still queued up to buy,
like no money.
The last time I saw such a fever,
last year,
when we collectively sold bicycles to enter the stock market.
Every day in the news bombing,
brush a micro-blog also can not escape,
not every hour and moment was reminded prices double Yi Ruo up to heaven.
In Shanghai people wrapped in blankets queuing to buy a house,
intermediary said 25 hours off,
the phone was ringing off the hook all.
a real estate opened,
1000 people robbed 338 suites.
Housing prices so burning,
in fact,
is essentially a supply and demand relationship problem (serious face)! First tier cities are almost no inventory,
new houses rarely,
second-hand housing also sold very fast.
At the same time a new policy to buy

Fan Bingbing, Li Chen booked a couple of ski helmets, and Chen Xiang's face was scratched

it's time for your little wife to send you a letter and share your gossip.
Welcome you to continue! Click the button below to write gossip Oh,
if it is related to the star and remember to choose [1] Fan Ye Li Chen,
entertainment gossip lovers customized ski helmet dear president husband so what da: I am a little almond son,
I was a little almond son,
I was a little almond,
an important problem that make three times.
You remember me,
ha ha ha! The freshly baked gossip,
the brother's classmate,
the next door uncle's aunt's son,
opened a studio in Beijing,
made a couple helmet for Li Chen and Fan Bingbing,
a helmet for skiing,
and a cellphone shell for Wang Sicong! My husband helped me beat the president on the mosaic yo (this mosaic is not very cool?) President,
do you remem

Why buy iPhone only choose rose gold, depending on the world of Yan value, how more forced lattice?

fessional electric car with Chinese characteristics.
As usual,
I have to go out to work.
Racing is my main business,
and work is just my hobby to make ends meet.
Today's ring road circuit is a bit noisy,
and it doesn't make any difference.
I want to overtake the lead player,
Granny Zhang,
in front of the bend.
Through accurate judgment of speed,
tire and brake state,
I took advantage of the curve,
the precise control of all will reach the acme of perfection,
players throw three road two traffic lights in the distance,
at the same time,
success beyond the 5 BMW 4 Mercedes Audi 3 vehicles,
and 1 cars Porsche,
today is record achievements.
As a driver of the family line eldest son,
Deng grandfather's 28 big bar: stealing open dad's happiness motorcycle: since I was obsessed with

Designer wallpaper

ontact QQ:1965667710 Author: Liu Bingke Liu Qian,
Zhu Aobin design studio exclusive mobile phone wallpaper designer both socialist-minded and professionally competent 10P WeMedia from media alliance WeChat ID:guanggaocrazy press the left side of the two-dimensional code concern

You can't remember a wicked man who appears again in the West

lick the blue [] you view view highlights - Abstract ID:ipress Wei Zexi in the know to answer what do you think is the greatest evil in human nature? This problem.
He said,
I hope my answer will make fewer people cheated.
That makes two of us.
But I'm not sure what's available,
when the complicity of deception and forgetting cannot be broken.
It is not easy for ordinary people to live anywhere,
let alone live in a society full of lies.
If the course of life as a walk through the dark forest,
then Zexi Wei with the young life tells us that the thorn and fraud throughout the sinister jungle mud.
They already make up some kind of ecology and want us to become the fertilizer that feeds them.
The truth is not new,
but we have forgotten it selectively.
Just saw the news,
said that in May 2

You never know who you are the last straw to crush

the heroine,
watched an English film two days before,
in the book the home of sin.
Not scary,
eight suspense,
the outcome is more meaningful.
About this movie,
with two voices,
one of the main female suffered sympathy,
and the other is that the director is the Big deal,
the outcome is to blame,
this is also a lot of sound.
let's see what the movie is about first The film started from the Arthur one family dinner,
the success of the capitalist Arthur coming in the near future promotion,
is very happy.
At the dinner table,
daughter Sheila will marry her future son-in-law Gerrard,
as well as Arthur's wife and her youngest son.
The dinner of the Arthur family was on the scene of a family gathering,
and the arrival of an uninvited guest made five people wary.
A se

Alibaba money Cheats - first free, profitable

ing content,
click on the above topic source: electricity daily attention to our sales and management (ID:Marketing360) author: according to many people may have a mink but to turn,
why is free,
became the most expensive? Alibaba,
the first free,
since the group's profit after Alibaba taobao.
com launched in 2003,
will take a free strategy: the customer login and the service fee is free,
this is one of the highlights to attract customers.
The first is to attract a large number of users through free means,
and then introduce the personal integrity to obtain income,
that is,
the first chicken after the egg model.
Offering free product display space,
free e-mail,
and providing a large amount of timely supply and demand information,
attract hundreds of sellers to try new things and attract

Stop fighting your life

shed dream & and his works can smile s see what distance people can truly appreciate the variety of things taste,
and not just to feel oneself are submerged in the flood last quietly.
Do not compete again life,
by General Guo Guo came a long drawn out heavy cold,
good and bad,
bad and good,
the disease continued without a period of time.
the healthy boat is said to turn over,
so far I have been struggling to catch the boat in the river,
looking forward to endurance.
Although not willing to get sick,
sick but also has the advantage,
the biggest advantage is that peace and a lot,
may be unwell,
leading to a variety of neural pathways in the brain to slow down,
slow down the speed of information processing,
so also followed the slow up.
Not so easy to anger,
not s

How far is sharing the economy from us?

onomy is the main characteristic and important form of the new economy.
Sharing the economic platform covering the industrial chain integration,
transportation trips,
travel accommodation,
office sharing,
food sharing and other fields,
the production factor configuration,
supply and demand balance and consumption upgrade has had a disruptive impact.
2008-2015 years,
the global share of economic enterprises financing transactions reached more than 800 times,
the total financing of nearly 27 billion U.
the annual financing scale turned 40 times.
Financial decision No.
1: ENNweekly (long press copy),
the national financial weekly reporter Intern Lai Fuping Yuan Wei with the deepening of the mobile Internet,
but does not occupy sharing economic model has been popular.
Sharing th

When the organs are gone, I'll say I love you

experience even the most happy time you made me lonely trance flashing the best time is when I put out the light sound rises like the December rain there singing when we quiet your image began to tremble I used to hold you like a coin in my arms when the organs are burning wilt I would say I really love you if you need a secret known to the world and I hope this is the author of Tang Ziyan from Rome / / letters,
press enclave of first love is what? When a person starts from the youth away into the trivial life,
how he will answer this question.
As the title shows,
this poem traces the experience of early love.
Love is not so pure and simple as people imagine,
it is full of happiness and happiness.
It may be said that such love is simple.
True love is sure to create a trance in happiness

She turned the fruit into a gem and sold 3143 pieces in 6 years, making it the best seller in the country

k the hand lovers arrows or WeChat search mydiyclub concern us this article reprinted from the public number: Art extraordinary micro signal efifan she put the common fruit,
a dazzling jewel.
Fruit Jewelry - fruit jewelry from no one thought can be seen everywhere in the vegetables and fruits on the market,
and what is the relationship between the bright and beautiful jewelry,
until Zoe Einbinder put them together like most girls,
Zoe had showed a strong beauty of the heart,
she often looked at the newspaper jewelry advertising,
On the first day of primary school,
she stole her mother's diamond necklace and dyed himself with red fingernails.
Every day she had to dye her nails,
wear good jewelry,
and dress up before she went to school.
At first,
the teacher thought she was a

[509th] a series of period with a mast T-shirt originally wanted to get rid of minute turned fashion Misugi

k the hand lovers arrows or WeChat search mydiyclub attention to each of us at the end of the season,
each woman will be against the few pieces of such clothes: a famous special offer when the volume back a big T-shirt,
quality and design are good,
is not put on the body or lines; buy white in the closet vest,
there are always a few pieces of innocent children,
when buying the value that can not be missed,
buy back but not wear out,
a pity to throw away.
Today and share three trick,
let Cinderella immediately become your guest! This article is compiled and edited by hand lovers,
and reprinted from the public accounts,
hand lovers,
1 scissors,
and the first cut! The first cut is a big cut,
a small,
a long cut,
every girl will have such a long T! Most of them are pajamas.
They are ma

Urgent notice Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shandong has passed crazy, tell friends and relatives quickly

ding this,
please click on the blue print of wisdom education culture and then click on the attention,
so you can continue to receive free articles.
Share every day.
It's a free subscription.
Please feel free to pay attention to it! Six all,
must remember: 1) answer the phone,
no matter who he is,
as long as it comes to bank cards,
all hang up.
2) as soon as it comes to winning,
all hang up.
3) is about as long as a public security tax or leading cadres will hang 4) all the messages,
but let me click on the link,
will be deleted.
5) WeChat do not know the links sent by people are not point.
6) all 170 telephone calls are not connected at the beginning.
Can do these six all,
basically won't be deceived,
you want to,
really want to find you,
also won't hang up because of the phone,

Pharaoh called God mother forced hidden secret for many years was discovered

ead the original text,
not reward sister,
to see how much true love powder Oh!

In the following a player Jay Chou songs look like a story as to which of his song reminds you of your story

icro-blog: @ normal not what the heart of a human talent study called Chen Zhenghao to do their own reading,
reading with other customers like numbers are not the same as he was in the ctrl+c ctrl+v click on the upper right to share: QQ space friends click to view the data,
free of attention

Even more than chicken soup with these genuine goods at a fair price Mengliao

s to let you expand the thinking to improve vision,
perception of different world; learning,
even more with chicken soup,
as well as the dirt here,
genuine goods at a fair price; select 16 high-end public number for your attention,
they all Mengliao gains.
ID:speecar long press car said two-dimensional code recognition attention profile: automotive media since the first large,
the most authoritative car shopping guide,
car evaluation of the most real,
the most economical car coup,
the most wonderful car.
Said Tucao car interesting material,
attitude! I * * * * * ID:bjthldl Tsinghua leadership by two-dimensional code recognition attention profile: millions of managers to communicate with each other,
mutual learning,
reading is the depth and temperature of the article,
will also hold regul

She photographed 16 years old, 4 years, even 20 people, known as the female version of Edison Chan

le from the Hongkong night (ID:xianggangboss) to authorized reprint starred in love clubbing Hongkong actress Michelle Wai (Shiga),
revealed recently and ten billion in three years two rich generation boyfriend broke up a few months.
even Michelle Wai mouth said,
already broke up a few months,
but still be found living in the former boyfriend to his rented house.
Accustomed to living in the mansion,
of course,
do not want to live in a bungalow,
not to mention even Michelle Wai is a super Hong Kong women.
! The 27 year old Michelle Wai,
15 year old has joined the entertainment young model,
in 2010 2011 joined the music scene,
adding film to film love clubbing,
the movie's theme song I'm Still Loving You YouTube in the click rate of more than 10 million,
becoming the first te

The beauty of Gyeongnam flower market []

arket is one of the important markets in the Korean era.
To the main waterway for transportation,
Gyeongsang and Jeolla residents here to exchange of agricultural products and marine products.
Have little friends ever seen such a big squid claw? Worrying about losing your teeth after chewing?.
Opposite the food shop sells all kinds of fried foods,
fried whitebait,
fried vegetables,
and a lot of fresh seafood.
More about the Gyeongnam flower market introduction please click to read the original appreciation

Chanel everyone invited Cuba to Lafayette and play High vacation

ember the last time Lafayette will spring show moved to Seoul? The last time I went to Dubai? No,
Chanel has never stopped its journey,
but this time it has come to Havana,
a famous tourist destination! There's a lot of exotic things on your face.
Are you ready? Join us on a holiday trip! The tools for opening vacations are them! This time,
Chanel not only for the show guests prepared intimate little gifts,
but also let them ride the local characteristics of the car to the big show scene! Instantly opened everyone's holiday mood! Chanel is watching the show guests gift: a top hat made by Maison Michel.
The invited guests take the car to the big show scene of a riot of colours.
The goddesses have come to Cuba to see the show! Now let's take a look at these heavyweight show guests

It's dangerous to love this man

the wonderful program click two more a key concern the Yellow River drifting,
is a journey through quiet every break is lonely is on pulp own boundaries - Semitic of Semitic,
as most people do extraordinary stable life is always what is missing.
Perhaps it leads to orderly happiness,
a steady and abundant substance.
But in the blood of Shem,
there was a strong desire,
a journey of adventure,
a life of adventure and challenge.
He has a boat,
in the vast between heaven and earth liquid across the mountains and rivers and lakes,
for their dedication to a dream adventure.
Li Canhua was fond of sports since he was a boy.
At the age of 5,
he was brave enough to search for a dart to cross the dangerous bridge and rapids alone,
which became his first adventure experience.
When he grew up,
he nam

The 3 is the people to marry more happiness you are one of them

add membership? What are the benefits of membership? At the end of the text,
read the original and tell you! Zhong Yi said (micro signal zhyishuo) exclusive original heart cheats the most interesting read comics,
the oldest cultural collision,
who let you know,
can intimate part of the story material,
from the real case: easy to friends want to add members: click here

What happened to the Yahoo we used all the time?

amous search engine and e-mail Internet giant,
last month in the United States California Sunnyvale declaration of death,
only survived for 21 years.
Once the vast network of imperial twilight,
now it is facing what kind of situation? The status quo: - the United States visited third camels Martha thin dead line platform,
with 200 million active users in Chinese,
perhaps YAHOO has gradually fade out of sight.
in the United States,
YAHOO's brand has a certain mass base,
according to comScore data,
at present,
YAHOO or the United States access to third of the online platform,
attracted more than 204 million users.
In contrast,
Facebook is only 1% more than YAHOO.
Google's app plus web site is only 17% more than YAHOO's.
Complex Internet assets to maintain the current situation

After touching, 99 of the people will cry

is the end of the world.
They say their daughter is a father's lover in the past,
and the father's arm is the daughter's eternal home.
Father and daughter is a drama film directed by Michael DeWitt,
the return of the film tells the story of a girl waiting for the father's horizon! The film won the seventy-third Oscar Award for Best Animated Short Film Award,
although the story is simple,
but touch one deeply in the heart.
A look! (please see,
under the condition of WiFi Hao see free) at the beginning of the film in the sunset,
a father and daughter with a long shadow of the father came to the river for a journey,
leaving the young daughter and a world full of sadness as the sunset,
the father with the boat together disappeared in the water line,
only the daughter and slender shadow but

Private hospitals fall into the enemy's way

inning of the founding of new China,
all medical institutions belonged to the state.
with the reform and opening up,
the state allows private investment in medical and health undertakings,
and private hospitals have begun to enter the barbaric growth period.
The first development period is from 1995 to 2000,
due to the lack of public hospital funding,
many local governments began to reform the health care system,
allowing the public hospital through commissioned operation and transfer and other forms of cooperative shares,
the introduction of private capital,
and private hospitals for the 3 year exemption system.
2001 is the peak of development of private hospitals,
with private hospital cures became the catalyst Difficult miscellaneous diseases of the medical industry,
have a r

The shortest 4 seconds, the longest 90 minutes, mainland actress Hollywood play time was calculated by us

g B is not installed in the orange chicken soup as adorable cheap anti WeChat entertainment public number juziyule I know I'll never belong to this place,
so I even toilet brush than others brush clean,
clean enough to wash my face in it.
As China's first batch of Hollywood Chinese mainland actress,
Joan Chen so recalled the struggle at that time.
As is known to all,
mainland female stars can be regarded as a symbol of success if they can participate in Hollywood movies.
They are also the symbol of the identity of the movie circles.
But is that really the case? Soy sauce shot a couple of seconds and unexpected performance,
and don't know what to say in the awkward lines,
and stain,
Chinese special versions of these experiences,
let the mainland female star in a Hollywood movie becomes

tertainment Zhuangao (text / Lee wheat editor /iris Las Vegas casino) racket,
wearing a dress,
wrapped in comb a big wave,
with big lips Tang Wei threw the last card,
helping Wang Zhiwen win back a lot of chips,
turned and smiled,
two people hugging and kissing.
Kaka! Shouted Xue Xiaolu,
sitting in front of the surveillance plane.
She called Tang Wei to the front and looked back.
there's a little bit of that in that section.
  Jiao Ye,
when Mr.
Deng kissed her,
she would dodge and repel.
Let's do it again.
After half a year,
Beijing in Seattle (hereinafter referred to as the best love only love) was released,
Xue Xiaolu sat in front of the NG Tencent entertainment reporter recalled,
I said to her,
the smile behind the Dodge,
rejection is good .
It's Xue

I heard someone in the distance clapping for me

it was the 1st anniversary day of no crown finance.
1st anniversary,
we gain a lot,
in the Internet plus,
but the relative segments than the general scope of the media since the relatively broad,
we speak for the transformation,
investment case.
1st anniversary,
we have opened a series of headlines,
small and beautiful 100+,
from the media 100+,
overseas customers 100+,
investors 100+ and other series,
so far,
reported more than 300 cases.
You know,
these cases,
neither hand piece like comments,
it is not a simple data integration,
but sent to the topic of senior financial media,
through face-to-face interviews,
even after more senior editor to repeatedly modify and elaborate.
Its operation process is no less than any of the paper media serious,

Take girlfriends to travel, girlfriends photos to shoot like this

th someone to share life together,
share with you fuel outside the spiritual world,
although the friendship boat turned over,
but even turn together can also swim ashore,
this is bestie.
Girlfriends can not eat together,
but they can not take pictures! Speaking of taking pictures,
in addition to scissors hand,
teach you a few non heavy kind of girlfriends pose.
1 back platitudes,
figure is a very versatile pose.
No matter your values are not high,
the pictures always make you a little more mysterious and artistic.
This simple back photo is more suitable for two people Oh ~ 2 concave shape,
if you have more than one or two girlfriends,
but a group of girlfriends,
then these pose must be get to.
Heart to heart,
five pointed star,
Are very classic shape oh.
Just be sure to Caution! In

China was also willing to hold hands through the TA tunnel any romantic

the branches under the tree,
agreed to spend a lifetime,
or flying flowers in the sky,
rain and lovers stroll.
The romantic scenes that often appear in these movies,
with no special effects or dreams,
are so beautiful around us.
This will be a beautiful WeChat,
your little will introduce its three purple Xanadu,
not only as a tourist attraction,
but also as a mecca for many people.
This romantic purple blue flowers,
called jacaranda.
Jacaranda is the southern hemisphere unique ornamental trees,
shady trees and elegant,
when the flowers are dark blue or purple,
very beautiful,
native to South America Brazil,
are widely grown across South Africa and southern African countries.
In Guangdong Chinese (Guangzhou,
according to the donkey know Jinan University in Guangzho

Shanghai Disney tells you how to live with money and comfort

isney Hotel March early opening ticket booking,
not only tickets robbed light,
and even two hotels are all full house! For those who want to go to Disney,
it is worth playing at least two days.
Disney's hotel is the first choice.
A Disneyland Hotel,
a toy Hotel,
a luxury,
a family,
each has his own merits.
the price is more than 1 thousand yuan per night.
The Disneyland Hotel is a high profile luxury hotel,
built on a sparkling lake with an ultra beautiful interior and all kinds of new artistic decorations.
Here is not just a hotel,
and large lawn,
called star lake in tropical grassland as the theme of the water recreation area and hedge maze,
live in the hotel as well as in the amusement park.
My favorite,
or a special treat at the Disney Hotel,
can be breakfast with Mitch Mini! Com

For the first time since the end of the national survey of large shipment exceeded 2 million 30 thousand heavy logistics practitioners report

Ali Institute free subscription to lead up to the beginning of 2016,
the total number of social business employees to 2 million 33 thousand people,
among them,
the courier,
site personnel,
operation site warehouse grass-roots management of frontline staff of 1 million 729 thousand people.
6 into the courier site of the electricity supplier logistics parts accounted for more than 5 of the total,
74% of the site electricity supplier logistics express total proportion of the total amount reached 80%.
The total number of couriers and couriers varies with the month,
and the changes are cyclical,
but vary in magnitude.
In each cycle,
the change of the quantity of couriers and the change of quantity has advance effect and time lag effect.
6 into the express site of the electricity suppl

Who will lead the future and the first financial exploration?

losest to life,
there are many small and novel unknown.
we might as well explore the first financial technology innovation conference unknown.
technology shows the vision of the future.
You'll see all kinds of interesting,
novel and creative works showing everywhere.
Some show the charm of technology from a certain point of view,
and most of them involve exploring the unknown spirit of science and technology and showing the imagination of the future.
It won't be completely occupied by large screen computers or hot VR devices.
Brain cave opening inventions,
handmade works and simple technology to achieve life creativity,
may appear in the field of vision.
their reaction is much faster than your mobile phone,
but they may be able to promote the future producti

Every step of the love is wrong

I thought the love of the times,
how to talk about how to talk about.
But you see,
Ode to joy only to love Qiu Yingying,
suffered what kind of fate,
gave her an invincible big slag male,
and the poor man with a name from A to Z are not only in charge of the two term Bai Zhanan or white.
A love Ode to joy,
where is it? By after a gross domestic drama,
is probably one of the most consumed several ways of life,
Ode to joy to the 16 set,
I only see light suddenly,
he squandered youth (ah,
the best time is fleeting and not too?) Does this play look good? In the first ten episodes,
I'll tell you that it's not bad,
but suddenly I began to feel that it didn't really mean much.
Every woman in it seemed to live too cautiously.
Screenwriter has a life mentor means,
in each woman behind a clot

Women with gynecological diseases of the 4 bad habits must pay attention to

regular use of pads and tampons,
many women believe that the use of pads can avoid direct contact between the genitals and underwear,
help keep the genitals clean.
The idea is wrong because long-term use of pads can cause genital ventilation to cause infection.
In addition,
the use of seemingly convenient built-in tampons also increases the risk of developing gynecological diseases,
especially prolonged absence of tampons,
which can lead to vaginitis and other gynecological diseases.
Recommendation: use pads only in the short period of menstruation or when the menses is near.
Try not to use tampons.
And replace it in time.
privates often use a lot of people think that night use cleaning fluid cleaning liquid wash down is a healthy habit,
in fact,
in the absence of gynecological infla

Nice to wear, mini satchel, back up in the summer

large volume bag seems to have been all cold cold put away,
the packet began with bright color for the hot make! Summer is coming,
matching weight loss,
bags are also in weight loss.
Then they can just let you carry keys,
take a mobile phone,
decorate the small package makeup emergency began sweeping the streets.
Small is still too heavy,
micro mini bag is too small,
and only mini size satchel is just right.
C LineTrotteur want a saddle bag addiction,
no doubt C line Trotteur is an excellent choice.
In the early autumn of 2015,
brand creative director Phoebe Philo has a new interpretation of Trotteur,
adding metal buckle,
let Trotteur in retro minimalist style,
with a more modern atmosphere.
The new Trotteur C line box inherits the simplicity of temperament,
but Trotteur sleek li

Why did the twelve constellations surrender the Royal war?

e twelve constellations and the Royal war of love and hate the Royal war has launched two months,
the first month performed brilliantly,
easily washed up on the recommendation of IOS.
But also by the majority of game player praise,
but into the second months,
the game has become weak,
especially after the new version of the open,
small side has a lot of people begin to give up the game.
Twelve constellation why will give up this game? 1,
Aries: as a lot of machine only careful Aries,
they will have a lot of routines in combat,
but they are too simple,
these routines will be seen through the minute,
the road is set through is not a good routine,
even kneel down Aries only abandoned pit.
Taurus: after all,
this is a late krypton gold has been unable to play the game,
this game for the Tau

You open a gun behind me, I still believe that the gun is fired: depth)

Second World War,
a force fought the enemy in the forest,
and the last two soldiers were out of touch with the troops.
The two soldiers were able to look after each other in battle,
because they came from the same town.
They trudged through the forest,
encouraging each other and comforting each other.
More than 10 days passed and they were still in touch with the troops.
they killed a deer and depended on venison for a few more days.
Perhaps it is because the cause of the war,
the forest animal fled or were killed,
in addition to the deer,
they never see any animal.
The only remaining venison was carried on the younger soldier.
One day,
they met the enemy in the forest,
and after a fierce battle,
the two men cleverly avoided the enemy.
Just when they thought they were safe,

Have Jiyiling money Wuli again in the Tao Tao entertainment so in the end he did not lip synching in the teeth of the storm

t seen Wuli shocked the Tao Tao news today,
Huang Zitao party denied lip synching boarded the hot search list,
haven't met in a long time is very miss ah ~ Tao Tao said this May 1st Huang Zitao held his personal concert in Nanjing,
originally it is a perfect ending ~ our fans said Tao Tao really that sing very well at it! But because the results of lip synching caused a storm,
Liang made a few continuous shelling micro-blog Tao Tao singing.
Good Wuli Tao Tao said how can fans told that my idol,
so they are back then the concert organizers and Huang Zitao studios have also audible ah this organizer is really not too big,
it taught us everything in the pig teammates affair will be more and more big yellow Zitao studio published the statement said that the exercise intensity in the dance of

May 4th news reports,
horror game can reflect the VR most at this stage of the value,
and the major game manufacturers seem to have a very high value of this piece of resources,
to promote the content of horror game VR version.
a foreign game media group,
has organized a group of players to experience a horror VR game released this summer,
ghost records,
and uploaded videos of these players to the YouTube.
In ghost episode,
players need to wear Oculus,
Vive or PlayStation VR and walk around in a haunted house.
The longer you stay in this house,
the more frightening it will become.
As you can see from the video,
both men and sisters scream and scream when they experience the game,
and even others are frightened to throw away their helmets and fall to the ground

Frequent incidents in Haikou, why peace guard teams do not retire?

incident with open accountability is likely to date,
but someone's security defense team and its management system the author Deng Xueping (Beijing decide on what path to follow group Shanghai Heng Law Firm senior partner,
former senior prosecutor) before a security defense team armed with batons,
shock of women and children,
accompanied by bursts of screaming video crazy pass on the Internet,
the whole society aroused anger and condemnation.
In the opinion of fermentation at the same time,
the Haikou municipal government to deal with a series of disposal of the incident (see Caixin reported Haikou municipal accountability Xiuying mayor Huang Hongru resignation).
Xiuying District,
the village of illegal action director Huang Hongru to resign,
long town mayor Zhang Guangxue was ordered to

Core strength how to practice, let beauty teach you

rst basketball micro magazine,
the most popular basketball teaching platform,
click on the top of the blue word,
pay attention to basketball skills,
teach a basketball practice all over the body! A basketball,
play your body,
exercise the core and balance,
each movement for a minute,
8 movements for a group,
experience a,
exhausted! Model: Chen Nuanyang NO1 NO2 NO3 NO4 so we come so we NO5 NO6 you NO7 NO8 you come quickly forwarded to your friends! Practice and thought! -END- graphics / skills,
WeChat and QQ/ 2638592508 have the opportunity to get a nice basketball spree

The birds of the heart return

s still flying in my heart,
perhaps this mission is endless.
My heart moved,
no words,
it is better to let this brave song,
let this only deep in the hearts of each of us birds returned.
The return of the by river in forty,
the age of 40,
it can not distinguish the suspect,
that is to say I can and eliminating confusion? But I can finally stand in front of that young man and live face to face.
After finishing an album in 2010,
I was lost in thought.
Shall we go on singing? What is it to persist in the end? One can not think about it,
just put it aside and work patiently and dependably! In order to sharpen the character,
I choose Taijiquan,
and later to learn calligraphy,
then follow my love learning western painting.
I gradually found a way of learning from tangled,

[] it is said Crestron A and SUV value than Song Joong Ki Yan

le for the car home original article,
author Ren Sicong,
reprinted please specify,
welcome to forward to the circle of friends.
Hi Hello,
I am thinking.
See the caption that Wang Sicong was the only one to come in.
I don't blame you.
After all,
there are more than one person with different lives.
Not all the king (Er Sheng),
Ren Sicong,
car home new small,
only love to see their love car to Autohome before,
came to love to watch all the car.
On the car,
there are a lot of you want to say and hear you say,
I am glad to meet you,
what's your name? Hello AI Rainbow drops Si Congjun recently heard.
With this picture,
no less than about 90 to know well,
some straight said seven face Meng force.
Never mind,
know that BIGBANG is not so important it is important to know when it is

How can a woman live?

life is OK,
she can see it from her clothes.
A person's manners,
will expose a person's taste,
Like Zen master said,
do not need to open your mouth,
walk a few steps to know your realm a bit,
pretending not to.
Women from birth to 18 years old,
need a good family,
18 to 35 years old,
need good looks,
35 to 48 years old,
need good personality,
after 48 years old,
need happy,
elegant life.
Buy clothes and accessories that suit you.
What suits you is the best,
so don't envy other people's clothes.
Learning a kind of dance at the weekend,
beauty will decline with age,
temperament is increasing.
Cultivate small good habits,
such as going to bed early and getting up early,
and putting a good book on the bedside.
Wearing underwear,
this is a way to love you